Along the Greenbelt

After my very short visit to Houston I had a much more leisurely visit in Austin starting at my longtime friend Jodi’s. Besides being a good friend for about a decade, Jodi is a fantastic jeweler, and as of a few years ago, a Chicago transplant that has really taken to her new home in Austin. She has created a sweet family of neighbors and friends and a lovely life for herself and her furs, Romeo the dog (who had been wandering around her studio for a while and then decided to adopt her) and Spike and Lucy the cats. Her sweet little house and street has easy access to the Greenbelt making for a really interesting juxtaposition of urban and rural living. I love this about Austin. Besides the Greenbelt, Austin also offers natural spring fed swimming at a number of “pools” across the city. Barton Springs pool, where we spent some time is 3 acres in size and 70 degrees year round, fed from underground springs and is one of the keys to surviving the hot days in Austin. My stay at Jodi’s coincided with a visit from her friend Katie another lovely girl, at that time from Chicago, and also a jeweler showing at the Renegade show last year. Thank you dear Jodi and all my new friends for some lovely fun.


greenbelt walk4

greenbelt walk3

greenbelt walk

greenbelt walk2

greenbelt walk9

greenbelt walk8

greenbelt walk7

dead end

cooling off

back yard airstream2

back yard airstream

fluffy pink and green


new logo designs

playing with parts



sharamie and jodi

sharamie and jodi2

barton springs



hanging with jewelers


watching the lizard feast

lizard feast

pink and green

red yellow green

orange yellow green

yard chicken


behind the fence

green along the greenbelt2



green along the greenbelt

jodi and romeo


jealous cats

neighbors livingroom2


bulldog at home

bulldog at home2

out building

at the neighbors2

Katie on the path