A Return to New Orleans

I was briefly back in NOLA with friends Brooke, Chip, Jenny and Pete. On my way into town I was welcomed by a double rainbow! I took it as a good sign, and was not disappointed. While in town, I ate really well and had a wonderful time including at Brooke and Chips restaurant High Hat Cafe while they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary. I got to see Jenny and Pete’s renovation and expansion of their beautiful home. As always Brooke and Chip’s hospitality was above and beyond generous as well as completely full of fantastically displayed eye candy. Thank you my lovely friends!

roadside tribute

white elephant flea

double rainbow truck

double rainbow orange cones

double rainbow lights

rainbow light

brooke and chip3

pizza delicious

finger puppet

brooke at pizza delicious

brooke waiting dance

brooke waiting dance2

outdoor office pizza delicious

good dogs

self portrait



puppy and celebration

high hat celebration

high hat celebration3

high hat celebration4

high hat


friends and neighbor

construction debris

look up

brooke and jenny

looking at the created view

created views2

created views

brooke and jenny2

back yard staging

bright hand

blurry brooke in the back seat

brooke in the back seat

rain streaks


gimme tacos at BJs

weird unicorn

checkout time

key chains