Austin Pride

I was back in Austin to watch the Weasels while Eli and Callie were both away. Being back in Austin coincided with my friend Splendora Gabor from New Orleans performing with some of her friends at the Elysium. When Callie returned we went to the Queerbomb pride parade. And when Eli returned I got introduced to the The Fast and the Furious franchise, weirdly having missed the first 5 movies in the series was no trouble, I caught on pretty quick. Also we got to buy our tickets from a friendly robot and the theater had giant bottomless bowls of popcorn, great stuff. This was the beginning of the return East. And I so appreciate the unlimited encouragement of my dear pals and fellow wizards.

drag show 2

splendora and friends2

Splendora and friends

drag show 1


splendora and gift doll

parade 2



dust flakes

after the parade 4

after the parade 5

stray cats

parachute ceiling 1

after the parade 3

cheer up 2

after the parade 2

cheer up charlie

chipped tooth

pay the robot

pay the robot 2

joy of robots

road from texas 3

road from texas 4

road from texas 2

road from texas 1

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