Art, Art and More Art + Bart

The furthest afar I made it in 2013 was Dallas and I spent a few days there before I reversed course. I stayed with some friends of my family Don and Karin and their sweet dog Bart. Don (as the story goes) took my mom on a ski trip with classmates when she was 14, some time later he and my dad worked together on some real estate projects. Don and Karin were so extraordinarily welcoming and generous, opening their beautiful home to me, and taking me out for numerous delicious meals, including some world-class BBQ. I had a really great time with Karin traipsing around Fort Worth, checking out museums of art and cow girls. There was so much great art in Dallas I couldn’t submit my hosts to all that I wanted to see so I did some solo exploring. I was so very surprised by Dallas and I look forward to a much deeper look into all it has to offer.

roadside flowers

roadside dinosaurs

don and bart



dads building1

highland park sky

open birds

bridges and wires

passing dallas3

passing dallas4

The Modern in Fort Worth

richard serra vortex

inside vortex4

inside vortex3

inside vortex2

Richter Gottlieb and the light

Carl Andre and

dan flavin

larry bell reflecting dan flavin

Jenny Holzer

Roxy Paine

charles t williams shadow

Hiraki Sawa and karin

saucer slide

roadside amusement park

green and cement

horse handles

crossing roads

crossing roads2

crossing roads4

Hard Eight BBQ

fires at hard eight bbq

cook at the hard eight

heaps of meat

blue water

clouds and polls

Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas

eviva amore

richard serra - nasher2

richard serra - nasher

outside serras curves

up close serra

inside serras curves

sodding nasher

nasher garden

ruined by bad neighbors

closed turrell

george segal

Mark di Suvero

detail Mark di Suvero

nathan mabry

nathan mabry2

rain damage is beautiful

tree at the nasher

install katharina grosse

antony gormley


calder and giacometti

on duty

me and jasper johns

water fountains

Dallas Museum of Art


outside in DMA

mirrors in mirrors

me inside mirrors

metal and shadow at the DMA

inside and out DMA

Dolly Python

spotted girl

fox and angel

fur doll

14ft 6in

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