The Weasels That Live in the Trees

After leaving Jodi‘s shady spot on the greenbelt I moved up the street and up into the treetops, to the home of fellow Wizards, lovely humans and artists: Callie and Eli. Both of them had just finished an intensive graduate program where they were looking at ways to intermingle social justice with design and business. Most of the time I was there, Eli was gone helping her mother sell off her worldly possessions in Vermont, so Callie and I were on our own with the furs. I was very happy to spend time together walking the back alleys and streets with the dogs, watching movies on rooftops, being introduced RuPaul’s Drag Race, making  jalapeño infused fruit salad, drinking mass quantities of Topo Chico and meeting their talented friends. I am so inspired by these two, with their creative lives, encouraging ways and lovely bright spirits. And I love their sweet little weasels, Bodhi and Ahnu. Thanks for letting me in the wolf pack Bodhi. And thank you beautiful girls for all your love and support.

ready to come in

nose print on the lens

ready and waiting

walk and roll

walking the weasels

through the fence

two poodles

red fence

texas pebble doormat

red blue green


in between

pink stripes on red

prop stick

nice yard

green green yellow

no road


tan tan tan tan

sweet boy

Some of Callie’s art in their sunlit place.

sunny day in the living room

one of Callie’s paintings

shelf life 1

shelf life 2

shelf life 3

rock rainbow

A picnic and a film about architects on the roof of the Contemporary Austin with Cheyenne and Callie

cheyenne and callie

carrot wig

rooftop movie 1

rooftop movie 2

half sleeping weasel

lap weasels

lap weasels2

Neighbors Koda

chair gate

and Brian

high step

Brian, his friend Rebecca, Koda and I went for a drive out to the country.

koda closeup


roadside no windows

tower on a hill


ghost town doll house

sky bird sun


buying peaches

This lovely man was selling peaches.

selling peaches2

brian and koda2

Callie and I went to the Sahara Lounge where there was free African buffet and 2 bands: Kupira Marimba and Zoumountchi.

zoumountchi at the Sahara Lounge

zoumountchi at the Sahara Lounge2


the weasels may or may not like dressing up.

ahnu with wig

bodhi with wig


tree life

shedtriangle house

grass rolling

green and pink and blue

callie picking leaves

butterfly leaf in her hair

butterfly leaf

bodhicactus bloomsblue house

cantilever house

alley fence

walking the weasels2

alley austin2

alley flowers

air plant

hair plant

almost hair plant

hair plant2

grass circles

black cat

gate ornaments

fire wood

gravel yard


railing life

cow bottom

walking the weasels3