A lot can happen in a year

It has finally happened, I have lapped myself in both space and time. A year ago last week I was in Texas and was back there again a few weeks ago. My first time around in Houston I was only there a couple of days and it was enough for me to know that I wanted to go back. It was eye opening to discover that there was a huge spectrum of art in Houston and I had only scraped the surface. Thank you Colette and Eric for your sweet and generous hospitality.

I am dedicating this post to The Flower Man, Cleveland Turner, who passed away 5 months ago. I am glad I got to see his place while he was still caring for it. Thank you Flower Man for creating such a beautiful, bright, colorful, junk, toy and flower covered home to share with every passer by. I appreciate your good work.


water park


road bridges

split road

blurry colors roadside

roadside fireworks

speck of red

hole to the sun

lawndale art center

Collages by Patrick Turk at the Lawndale Art Center

collage circle

close up collage

collage circles

museum marquee2


sign of the times3

behind the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

CAMH palm3

The Flower Man’s house

flower man house 6

flower man house 1

flower man house 3

flower man house 5

flower man house 4

flower man house 7

flower man house 8

flower man house 10

flower man house 11

metal longhorn

extensive inventory

sky road