Sparkle Plenty

As promised, the last of New Orleans “round one”. I realize that I am getting ready to lap myself in time and space. Each day I do not post closes in on these days of last May. I am also planning to stop through New Orleans again soon (heads up to my pals in the crescent city). So, with out further ado, I give you the lovely Brooke! I met Brooke at Chaz Fest via my cousin-in-law and friend Jenny. I love the ways that connections, lead to connections, lead to connections. For me they start with a quiet intuitive nudge and when I listen carefully I get to watch the magic of the universe unfold. I don’t know where it will lead, but I know for sure that it is someplace wonderful. This magical road of intuition brought me directly to Brooke and I can’t wait to be with her again to see what is around the next curve.

Brooke and her husband Chip used to live in Memphis. In the aftermath of the great storm they relocated to New Orleans and in 2011 they opened a restaurant called High Hat Cafe in Uptown. You should know, they do magnificent things with pimento cheese. When we met, it took barely 5 minutes for Brooke and I to become great friends and shortly after that I spent quite a lot of time with her, all to my ears, eyes, mouth and hearts delight. As a recent transplant, a restauranteur and big fan of the city, Brooke is a fantastic tour guide. Thank you my dear girl, for every bit of everything you are, I so appreciate you sharing yourself and your new homeland with me.

dining room

photos and feathers

old news

corner boys

high hat shelf

southern culture shelves

flower hats

mannequin with green hair

fruit room at work

bathing beauties

single winner

time is a way

bathroom cabinet

corner bear

yard in the mirror

airing out

ok lady

small boy

hold this monkey

Chips daily message…


l8r sk8r

liberty no bell


liberty and bell2

delicious oysters at Mariza

oysters at mariza

oyster prep

bottles and glasses

Jenny got us all invited to a Crawfish Boil.

bundled up for a crawfish boil2

buckets of good

messy fingers

windy palm night

coregated metal goodness

brigade coffee truck

Chip at High Hat Cafe.

chip at the high hat

Night market on Frenchman


green and red

at home youre a lover

Helen Gillet and Wazozo at The Maison.

helen gillet and wazozo

men up

Ladies who lunch at Galatoire’s Restaurant.

in praise of great service

real butter

fine lunch with the ladies

burning hot coffee

lovely ladies who lunch

Brooke at Galatoires

people in the street

i got this

in the streets

post lunch glow

sparkle plenty


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