Its All About The Joint (and its Connecting Tissue)

This was going to be the last part of my first trip to New Orleans, weirdly, like the city it keeps my attention and I can’t quite break free. This is now part 3 of 4. I have more friends there than when I started and some of those new friends are sort of relatives thanks to my brother and his beautiful wife. Jenny and Pete aren’t just new friends and cousins by marriage, they are owners of a fantastic BBQ place in the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans. There is some back story here. In the spring of 2005 I was introduced to them and their delicious BBQ by my friend Ann. Jenny had been a volunteer supporting artists selling at Jazz Fest and in 2005 had left because she and her husband opened The Joint and they were “always smokin’ “, no time for volunteering. So one night Ann and I visited Jenny and ate and I took photographs, as I do. One of the images I shot turned into a favorite and eventually the image on my business card. Later that year, Katrina hit. I worried about the little BBQ place and the sweet people I had just met, not knowing how they had fared. It turns out it took a while for them to get back on their feet. They had closed up shop and decamped to Central America. I had been periodically keeping tabs via the internet, I felt connected to them because of the image I had shot that was now a big part of my professional identity. Cut to years later, I find out we are more connected than I knew, Jenny is the cousin of my sister-in-law. I got word that they had not only survived but were moving to a bigger space because they had been so successful. When my brother and his wife planned a trip down, I gave them a small print to give to Jenny and Pete.

So this brings me back to the now of last April/May, while I was staying with Clint and Lee Kyle I rode my (their) bike over to The Joint to have lunch and reintroduce myself to my new relatives (won in the marriage lottery, thanks Claire). Jenny welcomed me like long lost kin, gave me a t-shirt and put me on their guest list for Chaz Fest. I Had no idea what Chaz Fest was, but it turns out it was happening the Wednesday between the weekends of Jazz Fest. The Joint would be selling food and there would be music. It was actually 2 stages of music playing all day long in the lush 4 house wide backyard of some exceptional people that create something magical for their fellow New Orleanians. I had a great time and besides getting to spend some of it with Jenny while she wasn’t working (a rare occurrence) I met some of her friends, that I now count among mine. See the next post for more on Jenny’s pal and now my new friend Brooke.

emplyoyees only yheard

necessary pheasant

The Original Love Bomb

new love bomb

and my version of the original

the original

The Joint

A near-by thrift shop

poppin tags

dont eat the baby

locally hoarded

monkey armoire

Unfinished Unicorn


dirty old model 3

dirty old model 4

buildings in bywater

rusty bridge and biker

new bridge4

termites will feast

crescent box

lush walk

small flat death

At Chaz Fest.

chaz fest 31

Jenny and Pete.

chaz fest 22

chaz fest 34

chaz fest 30

chaz fest 33

chaz fest 19

chaz fest 29

chaz fest 21

chaz fest 32

chaz fest 9

chaz fest 3

chaz fest 13

chaz fest 11

chaz fest 8

chaz fest 1

chaz fest 4

chaz fest 15

chaz fest 5

chaz fest 12

chaz fest 26

chaz fest 23

chaz fest 24

chaz fest 18

chaz fest 28

chaz fest 10

chaz fest 17

chaz fest 20

New Friends.

chaz fest 25

chaz fest 27

Kentucky Coffee