My Time With the Boys

On April 20th I arrived in New Orleans at the home of Clint and Lee Kyle, I did not know them, they are friends of friends and they generously agreed to host me. I so enjoyed getting to know them and their menagerie including two beautiful roosters (warning to those wearing red nail polish), a brood of chickens, and a number of cats that varies as to whether you ask Clint or Lee Kyle how many they have. Those that know me know that I love the furs and this visit I made friends with Bronco Kitty, he slept curled in the crook of my leg every night, so nice.

Apparently when the boys bought their place it was in pretty bad shape, they have been steadily making progress toward their dream home. What is clear by the state of their garden, their hard work and determination and having seen the pictures of where they started and ones posted since I’ve left, their home is going to be something to behold when it is finished. These boys were so gracious and welcoming, they gave me use of a bicycle (highly recommended for transport in New Orleans). They introduced me to friends, and cultural institutions like the “All Star Covered Dish Country Jamboree” at the AllWays Lounge (and told of a pizza speakeasy, which I will be partaking of next time). They fed me doughnuts and eggs and plenty of eye and ear candy.¬† As Clint was busy with work, events and travel, I spent quite a bit more time with Lee Kyle. Lee Kyle is a talented textile artist (demonstrated by the quilt of the state capital, photo below), he also makes block print cards, is an excellent guide to the crescent city, and performs as a drag queen named Splendora Gabor. I got to spend a little time with Splendora as well. I am so grateful to my friends, Courtney and Lora, for the introduction to these fine southern gentlemen.

This was only the first week of 3 that I was in NOLA. stay tuned.

divided highway

over the swamps

Clint and Lee Kyle’s home and menagerie

rooster in the house

capital quilt

baby kitty2

yard farm

feathery eyeball

face in the yard

rooster in the yard

lush life

clint and 2 roosters

a hand in the garden

beautiful decay 2


rooster on the stairs

horses and wires

horse portrait

dolls and such 4

dolls and such 3

god loves boys is cracked

dolls and such

dolls and such 5

trinkets and totems 5

trinkets and totems 1

trinkets and totems 6

trinkets and totems 2

trinkets and totems 3

bronco and the pig

At the Contemporary Arts Center

tea bags 1


caught in a net

Lee Kyle into Splendora Gabor

tshirts to a dress


nice rack


lee kyle1

lee kyle2

creating splendora 4

creating splendora 5

creating splendora 1

creating splendora 8

creating splendora 6

creating splendora 7

at the Big Top Gallery with Splendora as emcee.

vanity mirror


class reunion

emcee splendora2

crowd and pig cellist

pig plays cello





splendora in the wind

the home of Joy and Matt

joy and dog

put a bird on it

pink and blue

unicorn template

clowns and such

From the All Star Covered Dish Country Jamoree at the AllWays Lounge.

And one more of my pal Bronco on that fantastic quilt.

bronco on the bed 2