Whipple People – Part 2

While in Safety Harbor with my new friends Kiaralinda and Todd, our mutual friends Lynn and John came in and we all got to spend time playing together. A couple of days later Lynn called me asking if I would be willing to come back to Winter Park to help them out. I was more than pleased to oblige, any chance to help out and hang out with the Whipples and their pups is a good one. Lynn and John along with both of their mothers and about 17 other artists have their studios at McRae and every holiday and spring they open it all up to the public. The spring open house was fast approaching and the business of making art can get messy. Both of these fine artists are painters and both make some form of assemblage work, Lynn mostly in 2 dimensional collage and John primarily in 3-D sculpture. As such they have lots of material and it spills out of their designated storage rooms into their studios, the hallway and even into John’s mothers studio. They needed help, I was happy to do so. Even though I spent some solid time with both Lynn and John digging in and getting them organized, clearing space and moving things around so they could welcome guests, I didn’t take a lot of photographs. This is too bad because I would have had some great before and after shots and probably could have launched a career as an organizer. Fortunately for me and you loyal readers there will be even more Whipple fun down the road. I am especially fond of this note 2 self uncovered on the wall. Always a good reminder.

note 2 self copy

squirrel in the back


blinky pups

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