More is More Fun

While I was in Safety Harbor with Kiaralinda and Todd I discovered that they have a never ending supply of energy. Besides putting it to good use in the creating of Whimzeyland, they are always up to something, usually something fun. I spent 10 days with these two amazing individuals and I discovered that Todd gets up sometime before dawn and Kiaralinda sometime after that but every day they were both up before I was and had no trouble going non-stop until late into the night (by late night, I mean early morning). We spent some of everyday working on mosaics for the exterior of SHAMc, the art center they are building, and while I was there we got to watch the workers putting up the last truss for the roof of the pavilion. We also visited the manatees in the harbor while eating oatmeal, went to see a band play in St. Pete, helped a friend move back into her home after rebuilding from a fire, participated in a “garden fairies” afternoon where we descended upon a designated home to do all kinds of outdoor beautifying, attended multiple art openings, brainstormed ideas for the dedication of the book box, had more fun with the Whipples who came to visit and join in the mosaic project, did more exploring in St. Petersburg, went swimming at the pool, and set up a booth at the Chalk Fest to spread the word about SHAMc and raise funds. There was so much more and much of it involved Todd and Kiaralinda’s friends, I so enjoyed meeting them and it is clear that they have a large and loyal group of people that are always willing to get involved, because if you’ve met these two, you know, it is going to be a good time, and who doesn’t want more of that?

watery nose

laying down on the job

chalk face

outside the lines

Liquors World

bang on

bunny bird


head on red

remember us outside

don't feed the pigeons

face tissue 1



last truss

see through pavilion

aliens have landed

love and muscles

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