More is More

While I was in winter park with my Whipple people, Lynn repeatedly told me to visit her friends in Safety Harbor, FL. By the end of my stay she had me promising to do so. I need little prompting to make excursions, to meet new people or see art and when Lynn insists, I listen. I contacted Kiaralinda while I was in Floral City and made arrangements to come see what they had going on. Whoa! I had no idea what I was in for. Kiaralinda and Todd are a force of nature. They were neighbors growing up in Safety Harbor, FL and as children they hung in the same group. When Kiaralinda moved to Tampa in high school Todd would run the 20 or so miles just to see her. They have been together for decades and have a spectacular way of supporting each other to create the life they envision. They are a fast moving train, all are welcome to jump on and off as they choose but that train ain’t stopping for nobody. The fun, art and projects are ongoing and evolving, they live in a compound of magnificent proportions at its core is Kiaralinda’s family home surrounded by a number of properties including next door and across the streets in both directions. Some of those homes they own and others are like minded individuals who are encouraging the beautiful spread of this magical land of riotous color and shiny objects. Kiaralinda and Todd are building an art center in Safety Harbor for everyone’s use, and as part of the process are creating mirrored mosaic panels for the exterior with the help of a huge number of willing volunteers. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I showed up and discovered a hive of activity on March 21st. The first person I talked to asked me if I was there to look around or if I came to help? I responded with “both?”. This was the correct response, apparently, because I was led into the gazebo and introduced to Kiaralinda, she smiled her wide, bright, gap toothed smile and put me right to work adding pieces of cut mirror to a panel. By the end of the day I was offered a place to stay in their guest house “Casa Loco”. I stayed with them for a week and a half. I had to vacate Casa Loco for paying guests a few days after I arrived, Kiaralinda and Todd insisted I stay and move into their house with them. I am so very grateful to Lynn and John for their insistence in going to meet these spectacular examples of what can be done with an aligned team. And also to Kiaralinda and Todd for doing it with such an amazing magnitude of fun and inviting me along for the ride. There is so much to see and do when you jump on the Whimsey Twinz train. I loved every second of it. My photo files runneth over and so I divided this into 2 posts. This one is full of their home/compound and the next will be all the surrounding fun we had. I can’t wait to cross paths again with these amazing creatures.

whimzeyland 23

whimzeyland 30

whimzeyland 28

whimzeyland 27

whimzeyland 22

whimzeyland 24

whimzeyland 31

whimzeyland 34

whimzeyland 32

whimzeyland 7

whimzeyland 1

whimzeyland 6

whimzeyland 5

whimzeyland 36

whimzeyland 4

whimzeyland 2

bowling ball museum 3

bowling ball museum 2

bowling ball museum 1

casa loco 10

casa loco 9

casa loco 11

casa loco 1

casa loco 6

casa loco 8

casa loco 7

casa loco 13

casa loco 4

casa loco 3

casa loco 5

whimzeyland 10

whimzeyland 19

whimzeyland 20

whimzeyland 9

whimzeyland 29

whimzeyland 12

whimzeyland 11

whimzeyland 8

whimzeyland 16

whimzeyland 17

whimzeyland 18

whimzeyland 15

whimzeyland 14

whimzeyland 21

whimzeyland 13

whimzeyland 33

whimzeyland 35


  1. Love the article. You have captured the spirit if Whimzey and all who enter. Til we meet again…..Jan

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