Meet Up in Floral City

I left Winter Park on March 18th for Floral City, Florida. One of my best friends had brought her kids down from Chicago to visit her family. I am so grateful to her mom and step dad for letting me crash their gathering. Jess and I have been friends for 20 years and since her leap into parenthood we haven’t had this much uninterrupted time together. I had such a sweet time with my dear friend, her funny kids and her gracious parents. Claudia (Grandma Dede) and Carmine have created a lovely place for themselves living on the water, surrounded by friends, raising ducks, chickens and dogs at their compound on the cove. My stay in Floral City was so relaxing and the only decisions we had to make were when to take a boat ride, where to watch the sunset from and in what direction to start for our leisurely strolls around the loop. Also, there were dinosaurs.

road divided

yard gator


happy sink bather

biten by a baby

carrot face

too little lizzie

shuffle board court

smiley sidewalk

frog headed

happy boating

boat eaterseedy

dede and lucy

happy snuggling



sunset tree

foggy cove

jack and jess

junkyard missile

dinosaur repair shop

pink dino

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