Whipple People – Part 1

I left Naples on March 10th to make my way back up to the Orlando area, this time to Winter Park FL. This was just before the Winter Park Art Festival and I had agreed to assist my friend Ann Marie in selling her jewelry at the street fair. I was staying with friends Lynn and John and their sweet orange dogs and as this was the week leading up to their home town art fest, these talented artists were in a bit of a mad crunch getting ready. I did what I could to make sure everyone was well fed and the furs got out to pee. I also got to spend some time hanging with these lovely people at their amazing studios and generally keeping Lynn company while she made art. I love spending time with artists and getting to peek in on their process. Art making is done by all kinds of people and each has their own way of managing time, creativity, production and inspiration. I am continually inspired by the people I have encountered on my journey. And Lynn and John are shining examples of how to have a creative partnership and still have autonomy, how to keep stretching to make art in new ways, and how to always have fun. I love these Whipples! And as Lynn always says “move your hands”.

picture in picture

lynns studio 1

lynns studio 5

lynns chair

lynns studio 2

amaze yourself

lynns studio 4

lynns studio 3


lynn in her studio

lynn with orangies

john with orangies



cuddle whips 2

bowling trophies

whip house

whip house 4

whip house 3

whip house 2


poof balls

mccray studios

extreme carrot


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