Family Visit

Naples, Florida along the Gulf Coast is the winter home of my Aunt and Uncle. I was so pleased that I could coincide my visit with an opening in their schedule. This was the first time I can remember that I had them all to myself, no other family, just Margie, Charlie and me. I had such a nice time with them and I look forward to seeing them again in their home state of Minnesota later this year. Besides feeling closer to both my relatives I got pretty close to some wildlife while visiting.

how juvenile



stumpy 2

alligator puppies


bird and green


snake bird

not wild life


shell tree 2

shell tree

fisherman 1

fisherman 2

pelican bay beach

charlie tree lights

Margie and I did a bit of baking together and spent some time going through old family photographs. I used my camera to makeĀ (not great) copies at the kitchen table of some old favorites and plenty I had never seen before. A select few of these follow.


edie and rosabelle

unknown family

great grandpeople

beater licker

baton twirling

mowing and goofing

grandma and dad

garndma and me

dad and mom

mom michael and me

i got a frog


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