A Day in Miami

One thin day in Miami was not enough, nevertheless I crammed in plenty between the hours of traffic and congestion. My timing was off on March 7th but in the end I pulled out a really nice day from the sunshiny streets of this southern metropolis, with a little help from the women I encountered. I rolled into Miami thinking I would go to the Museum of Contemporary Art followed by a pork based Cuban lunch and then end the day at the Miami Art Museum before heading to the Gulf Coast via the scenic route through the everglades. As I arrived at the MOCA things looked promising with a farmers market just outside and a parking space just steps from the door, I was feeling quite good. I walked in to discover that the entire museum was closed for installation of the next exhibit. They wouldn’t even let me shop the gift store. Ok, no worries, I was hungry and ready to discover some hidden gem of the Cuban culinary world. Total success on this front, Papo Llega Y Pon was everything I could have hoped for. My only choices were the size of the sandwich, toppings and what to drink. I asked for topping suggestions from the lovely lady behind the counter and I was more than pleased with the results. I made it to the MAM with high hopes only to be disappointed that there was only one exhibit space open. At least I could do a bit of damage at the gift shop and again a lovely lady behind the front desk steered me toward the Bass Museum which I knew nothing about. Here I thought, I have the inside scoop. I made it to the Bass 15 minutes before closing and again another lovely lady charged me only the student rate, plus directed my path through the museum to get the most bang for my buck. having spent most of the day in traffic, I was not surprised that I hit more on my way out of town. My scenic route ended with sunset and although I saw hints of interesting discoveries through the Everglades (how often have you seen a panther crossing sign?), further investigation would have to wait for next time.


Don Bailey Floors

waiting for pork

el mejor

rooster crossing

blue on blue


overpass 2

overpass 1


waiting to shoot

shooting what

road to naples

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