Staying the Coast

From New Smyrna Beach I headed south to Boca Raton and a visit to my friend Mimi. The thing about this journey that has been extraordinary is how perfectly things work, even when things aren’t perfect. My visit to Mimi’s coincided with some bad news for my friend and I was so glad to be there with her, so she was not alone. I was happy to be of comfort and a distraction. We did a bit of decorating, exploring and enjoying of the sunshine along with spending some time with her three kids, two cats and one lizard. Thank you for the sweet time Mimi, Adina, Max, Shayna, Bo, Lilah and Charlie.

bonzai hospital

bonzai village

rock garden

tiny tree

root tree 2

max and the tree

max shayna and the tree

max and shayna in the tree

dr seuss tree

you go your way ill go mine

on the move

bo close up

mimi and bo

dip my toes

atlantic ocean 1

beach goers 2

beach goers

sculpture 1

metally goodness

museum illusion 1

under car dude

morning and night kitties

mimi the couch

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