I was on my way again on February 28th, headed for Florida’s east coast and my sweet friend Patty’s home between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Her lovely home is so close to the beach but sadly it wasn’t really beach weather while I was there. We did however have many great adventures in and around New Smyrna Beach. I learned a bit about the Atlantic Center for the Arts and we did a drive through of the campus (thinking it was where an art opening was) and also went to the Arts on Douglas location (when after driving around an empty ACA we figured out the event was at the in town gallery). I’m glad I got the brief tour because now I know for sure where I want to go for a collaborative artist residency. Other fun included riding bikes down the beach to watch the rocket launch, a visit to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona, sunset watching and eating fish with dolphins (ok, looking at dolphins while eating fish). Getting to spend this kind of quality time with my friends has been such a sweet gift of this journey. Thank you dear Patty and Lola.

sunset on the atlantic

patty and lola

sunset on the intercoastal

tiny elephants

playful dolphin

waiting for the rocket

beach chairs


fern hole 1


lola close

lola and patty on the floor


jesus and the vultures

whisk head

brownie 2


blake and patty

lap dog

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