Return from Venus

On the dirt road leading to the Venus Project compound Aaron spied something in the grass that required further investigation. Those images are further on. Before I get to that I want to recap the trip back and acknowledge our hosts back in Orlando upon our return from Venus. On our drive back to Orlando we agreed that (and this is my usual policy) we would not stop at a fast food place. We were pretty famished after not really planning for meals, cutting things close time wise on the way down and having brought only some basic snacks. After a full day and a drive of many miles with basically no sign of edible options we eyed a home-cooking southern fare type place speeding by and made a fast turn around. This turned out to be a perfect find. It was not only an all you can eat buffet of assorted meats in various sweet sauces, fried chicken, and starches of every variety, but there were waitresses that called us by pet names as sweet as the numerous desserts also on offer. As to hospitality, upon arriving back in Orlando, Maria and Chris were gracious and lovely and welcomed me into their home for 2 nights while I figured out where I was off to next. Thank you beautiful wizards.

If you are easily disturbed you can skip the rest of the post.

Stop after the pretty red poof ball flower.

You have been warned.

red poofballs

Further inspection revealed.


grusome foot
Am I the only one that likes to look at dead things on the side of the road?

I didn’t think so.

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