the Venus Project

February 16th I joined my friend Aaron on an adventure to visit The Venus Project. This Project is the brainchild of Jacque Fresco, 97, self described futurist and enthusiastic proponent of a resource based economy. He firmly believes in starting from scratch when things aren’t working. He along with his companion Roxanne Meadows and a rotating cast of followers and enthusiasts are working to create sustainable solutions for society. Jacque is a visionary and is putting his money into actuating his ideas. There is much sense to what he describes and I for one am looking forward to a day when more of Jacque’s ideas come to fruition. They are always looking for people who can bring scientific and technical skills to the project. If this is at all interesting to you there is a treasure trove of information to be found on the website.

looking right at me




lush shed

looking up

Jacque’s home.

jacques home

milling about

island model

model city

mmodel city close up


tiny people

low sky

playing with models



dinosaurs and boats

old pool


backdrop 1

building shells

curved building

natural light

Aaron and Jacque

aaron and jacque

There is something to be said for good time management.

good use of time



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