DeLand Again

I only stopped briefly¬†with my dear friends in DeLand, on the way down to Orlando. So now that my calendar was wide open, I got to go back and really spend some quality time with them. Stacie, her sister Rai and I all went to camp together in Wisconsin in the 1980’s so it has been a long time since we have all been together like this. I loved every minute of it. And my timing was great, as Nana was feeling under the weather, I got to step in and help out. Some of my substitute Nana activities included picking kids up from school, taking them to and watching karate classes and cooking dinner. It was a real pleasure being part of Stacie’s family, tooling around cute little downtown DeLand, and getting to do a bit of exploring with Rai. I discovered some interesting things about the DeLand area. Manatees live nearby! Also, in close proximity is Cassadaga, FL “The Psychic Center of the World”, a town of spiritualists. I wish I had gotten some great shots of either manatees or people doing psychic-y things but alas, no.

Thank you Stacie, Rai, Nana, Paul, Josh and Shayna (and Louie and Latte) for welcoming me into your home and life. And an extra special thanks to Shayna for giving up your bed, and allowing me to have use of your room.



frog 1

underside 1




Bad Taxadermy

the tag says it all

ceiling display

mirror ball

evening activities

minor clowning

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louie and latte


day snuggling