Old South

On January 30th, I left Wilmington, NC for Savannah, GA.

road to charleston 1

road to charleston 4



I made a stop in Charleston, SC and I  had a really delicious lunch at the Butcher & Bee.

butcher bee bathroom

butcher bee counter

stool table

thumbs up


And, I walked around for a while exploring this beautiful old city on a windy day.


barber shop


white charleston

moss and sun

colors of charleston

dangerous plant

dock street theatre


iron entry



And for my friends and family back on Chalmers Place, I give you Chalmers Street.

chalmers st

One comment

  1. Beautiful post. Let me know if you want any names in places you’re visiting.Like Susan and Bill Johnson who were in Hilton Head when you went through Savannah and Charleston. i remember seeing Chalmers Street when we were there. Funny. In any case, we love and miss you. All is going very well here in Paradise. xxxox Mom

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