Indiana, a grey day and a tasty night.

Day one (January 18th) on my journey wasn’t too far down the road, I made it to Michigan City, IN. After staying with my pal Lora (see her birds) I figured out pretty quickly that I still had brought too much with me and took the opportunity to lighten my load further. I finally got going in the afternoon on the 19th headed to Bloomington, IN.

house on a stick

barn 1

barn 2


My timing seems to be quite good, as I made it into Bloomington in time to crash a LUPEC chapter meeting at my girl Sara’s place. And for those ill-informed, as I was before i arrived, LUPEC is the Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails. I know this, when Sara is involved my taste buds are happy. That smart lady knows how to step up a beverage, juicing beets, celery, and ginger for a choice of flavored ice cubes, pure genius!

sara looking down

LUPEC meeting

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