I spent a few days (January 20-23) in the birth place of Mark Twain, hanging out with friends and discovering some of the perks of living in Hannibal, MO. There are tons of amazing buildings and lots of land available to purchase for pocket change. You can have the home/art studio of your dreams if you have the skills. There is plenty of time to make art, because the town offers basically nothing to distract you. If you want culture in Hannibal you gotta create it yourself.

I have some friends there doing just that. I stayed with my friend Olive and she was on a bread making kick that kept us fully carbo-loaded for 3 days straight. Olive skills go way beyond baking and have recently grown to include painting.  At her place I was busy making thank you gifts for my hosts down the road and getting this here blog started. I got to see my friends Janis and Joachim who never cease to amaze me with all that they do, make, grow, cook, build. none of the above is represented in the images below. I do however have plenty from Micheal’s house and also his giant warehouse, which he is building out into a studio/wood shop/gallery/home. here is a sampling.

Michael in warehouse

chair cart

dead bird on glass

shelf heads

window ladies

elephant mask 1

elephant mask 2

welcome fish